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The future of retirement savings

Invest in digital assets through a tax-advantaged savings account, , and take your financial management to the next level with the assistance of bitcoin trading robots. By leveraging the capabilities of trading robots, you can optimize your investment strategies and potentially increase your returns.

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Crypto Retirement

Buy, Sell, Stake Crypto in an IRA

Transfer Your Existing IRA or Start a New One

Rollover Your 401K, TSP, 403(b), 457, and more

Invest 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year.

*A fee of 0.5 - 1.0% of the order size is included per transaction.
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Save to Earn

Earn rewards on your savings through non-custodial staking - a safer way to stake and earn rewards without giving up custody. Additionally, you can now even earn crypto rewards in casinos. By utilizing blockchain technology, some casinos like 카지노사이트 offer the opportunity to earn rewards while enjoying your favorite casino games.

Protecting Your Future

Your Assets, Not Ours
We don’t borrow or lend against client assets or leverage client assets for profit and we don't let our custody providers do it either.

Secure Storage
Client assets are secured and stored with third-party institutional storage providers.

Regulated Custodian
Dorado uses a regulated, state-chartered trust company to hold the self-directed IRAs and custody client assets.


Join a new generation of investors


Invest alongside the growing Dorado community. Collaborate, learn, and grow your savings together.


The future of retirement savings is being driven by blockchain technology and we will evolve with it.


Our mission is to empower new generations to better invest, save, and secure their financial future.

Get In Early