Dorado is disrupting $215 Billion on-demand delivery industry

The most valuable retailer, has no inventory
The world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles.
Fastest growing on-demand delivery company, owns no fleet.
Largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate.

Dorado Delivers First Pizza into Space

Dorado Delivers First Pizza into Space
Dorado introduces AI Robots to Revolutionize Cities Commerce
Dorado delivers with Drones in less than 15 minutes

$215 Billion Global On-Demand Delivery Market

Meet the "Uber" for all last-mile deliveries

Dorado will transform the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand.

Potential worth

This makes our particular sector one of the fastest growing and one of the most promising markets. Morgan Stanley analysts estimate that on-demand delivery market is currently $215 billion USD.

No global competitors

Missed an opportunity to invest into UBER? Here’s your chance to invest into next one in on-demand delivery.

The only APP for any HyperLocal deliveries

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Advanced preference analysis and recommendation AI chatbot will analyze the complete history of previous orders based on time, location and context of the order, and will come up with something client is likely to order based on that.

Logistics platform, Drones and Robots

Our revolutionary HyperLocal Logistics platform on blockchain connects customers with local couriers, drones and robots who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes.

Web & App Platform

Dorado has thousands of stores on the platform, enabling you to quickly search and order from the best in your area. You can order restaurant food, pharmacy, groceries or anything you want with a few taps.

Swiss Based Token Model

This is a visionaries token - for the long-term.
Quarterly Payout Bonuses
Through a loyalty program, based on a smart contract, for each transaction on the DORADO platform, the User will receive new token for the equivalent of 2.33% of the total value of the transaction made minus VAT (7% from net revenues) on the DORADO platform, which is a sort of a discount. The new DOR Token received will be an equivalent to loyalty points, which could be redeemed/spendable only on the platform.
Demand for the Token
The demand of DOR is driven by the growth of the platform, network effects and is correlated to growth of platform.
Swiss Based Token
Dorado Token is issued by a Swiss based company.
DOR Utility Token
Dorado token is ERC20-compliant. The token will be listed on some Exchangers. Tokens will be accessible to people who didn’t get them during the Token Sale.

Benefits for token holders

Dorado is leading the way into the future by being first in its market to offer its customers an easier way to order and get stuff delivered by way of Drones, Robots, AI and network of “Uber” like human couriers.
Quarterly Payout Bonuses of 7% Net Sales
Only to all Dorado active token holders who use the Dorado platform or services, Food Forward Dorado is offering has offered a quarterly commission bonus payments within the ecosystem of 7% net sales to all Dorado active token holders to use the platform or services. The bonus will be granted in Dorado Tokens (also called “DOR”). The bonus DOR amount will be calculated within the ecosystem and will be based on the 7% of Food Forward net sales.
Experienced Team with Proven Track Record
Our rock-star management team has a proven track record for successful expansion and internationalization. These achievements are due to the group’s development of innovative products and technology, their top-class business execution and excellent tried-and-tested marketing strategies.
Demand for the Token
Dorado token demand is driven by the growth of the users' community and usage of the token on the platform. There will be 5 utilities of the Token, each utility was designed to create activity and network effects on the platform.
“Our team's goal isn't quick gains. To prove this, we will lock our team's tokens for 3 years. Yes, 3 years, because we are confident that by this time our company value will be billions. We are building a global “Uber” for on-demand delivery and for us this is not a “let's see how this thing goes kind of thing”.”
Jonas Karosas
Co-Founder & CEO @ Dorado
“I have lead three billion dollar companies before starting Dorado in Yandex, Ebay and Ozon and I see the same traits in Dorado what I saw in them. A dedicated and gritty team, scalable and viral product and a huge market that is still untapped.”
Evgeny Tikhomirov
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer @ Dorado


We have concrete plans and teams ready to expand. The world is our market.

Idea was born to create an "uber" on blockchain for all on-demand deliveries.
Idea to MVP
From idea to Minimal Viable Product.
2018 - 2020
Aggressive Expansion
Expansion to new verticals. Concrete plans set and teams ready to expand.
2020 - 2022
Further Expansion & Global Dominance
Aggressive marketing in current markets to strengthen the positions and expansion.


Some of Europe’s most well-known and trusted Venture Capital firms have invested in us. Our investors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but one common theme is their record of handpicking successful companies. They’ve given us the resources to build a long-term foundation for our company and we’re thrilled to have them with us on this journey.