If you’ve read our whitepaper, you probably noticed that we’ve laid out some pretty ambitious plans for expansion. Currently, we are in the talks to acquire Wooopit. Wooopit is one of the fastest growing food delivery companies in Poland that supports food delivery from the best restaurants in only 30 minutes.

  • In the past 10 months, 700 couriers were working for Wooopit.
  • Currently, 650 restaurants are registered on the platform.
  • Up to this date, Wooopit delivered more than $1M USD worth of orders.
  • More than 22000+ active users on the platform.
  • Since their launch, Wooopit grew by more than 5000%.

In addition to Wooopit’s sophisticated IT and logistic’s platform, we will also gain their all-star team of 40 employees (excluding the couriers), that will oversee the operations locally.

What will it mean for our token holders and investors? This acquisition will provide us with business from the get-go, therefore ensuring growing token value and increasing quarterly returns for DOR token holders.

In our whitepaper, Poland was listed as one of the four target countries for 2018. We are also actively working on acquiring more strategically important targets in Russia, Canada and Australia so that we can propel our growth. Remeber, we are here for the long-term. Our team is on the token lock for three years, and that is a sure-tell sign of their commitment. And with the support of our community and a leading VC — we are set to succeed.