As a part of our ongoing search for partners, suppliers and clients, we are currently in talks with NOIA Network as a potential Content Delivery Network provider. Dorado will implement NOIA’s Content Delivery Network solution and assist them in testing and quality assurance processes before the product is offered to the public.



As the quantity and the “weight” of online content are growing by a staggering amount, the current Internet infrastructure is rapidly becoming incapable of serving all this demand.

To solve this problem, NOIA Network is building the first decentralized Content Delivery Network. By enabling households and data centers to earn additional income by RENTING OUT their unused and otherwise wasted bandwidth resources, NOIA Network is creating an incredibly efficient and less costly network of nodes dedicated to web content delivery.



EARN 200 NOIA’s (around $12 USD) per week by setting up your very first NOIA node! More than 500 people all around the world are seizing this opportunity at the moment. Our advice? Hurry, hurry, hurry — the slots are limited!

You can also invite your friends. Every friend that joins the Testnet earns 40 NOIA Tokens for the both of you!

Join NOIA Testnet by following these 4 simple steps.