Dorado continues its strategic partnership streak with the latest addition — major CEE e-commerce player Pigu Group.

Established in 2007, Pigu Group boasts an impressive growth history, surpassing $100M turnover this year alone. In 2017 Deloitte listed Pigu Group as one of the fastest growing tech companies in Central Europe for the third consecutive year. Their success could be attributed to both being innovative and open to new challenges.

Dainius Liulys, CEO at Pigu comments: ‘Our success is based on client orientation. We are always searching for the best solutions that allow us to offer our clients wider product choice, faster delivery and a better customer service. Partnership with Dorado enables us to deliver goods within an hour, which means we’ll be able to reach impulsive customers who require their purchases here and now. With Dorado, we will deliver goods in minutes which is a big contrast to our previous one-day delivery process. This advancement will enable us to gain a competitive edge over our brick and mortar rivals not only in price but also in speed. Dorado will expand a market for us and help us grow much faster’.

Dorado is also set to benefit from this partnership immensely. ‘We are happy and delighted to form a strategic partnership with Pigu Group. Having a huge client with million of orders will boost our revenues from day one. This, in turn, will make us the leading delivery company in CEE and Northern Europe.This strategic partnership is only one of many which we have in our pipeline. Our go-to-market strategy in all new countries is to partner with leading players, which gives as a huge boost from the get-go‘ — says Jonas Karosas, CEO of Dorado.