This week Jonas Karosas, Dorado’s CEO has become a member of Bitcoin Foundation. It’s the oldest and largest non-profit Bitcoin advocacy organization that was established in 2012 with the mission to provide co-ordination & raise awareness of the benefits, uses & technology requirements of Bitcoin.

The initial idea to join the Bitcoin Foundation arose from the need to promote the significant changes that blockchain technology can bring to the global community. Currently, an incredible inequality exists in certain areas of the world where access to financial services is limited. More than 2 billion people struggle to get any advantages of technological innovations.

Dorado’s vision is to serve the community by facilitating on-demand delivery services that are transparent, high quality, environmentally friendly and accessible to everyone. We aim to reduce global greenhouse emission and fuel consumption in the transportation sector by using eco delivery methods such as drones and robots.

Therefore working in synergy with the Bitcoin Foundation will help us to promote our shared goals of bringing greater awareness of what blockchain technology can provide to the world.