Dorado has some spectacular news! We’ve signed a strategic partnership with a leading financial company HODL Finance. HODL Finance is an operational fork of a commercially available P2P lending platform — goSavy, which is operating in 33 European countries since 2014, with +$160M USD in loan applications and 5 European Union banking licenses.

Would you like to pay for a vacation, cover credit card debt or invest in home improvements, but don’t want to sell and lose your DOR upside potential? With HODL Finance you will be able to use your tokens & crypto as collateral to get instant cash to your credit card or bank account.

Serving clients around the world, HODL Finance issues USD / EUR loans, while accepting cryptocurrencies and other digital assets as collateral (deposit). Instead of selling, clients of HODL Finance are asked to provide one of their crypto-assets as collateral during a lending period, which is returned to the borrower once the loan is repaid.

In addition to the most popular cryptocurrencies, like BTC and ETH, Dorado token (DOR) is now becoming a verified form of collateral to collect USD / EUR loans from HODL Finance.

This is great news for our +13 000 investors community. There’s no point to sell something, that is most likely to rise in value. DOR holders will get exclusive opportunity to collect USD or EUR loans for everyday expenses, using our token as collateral, all without selling it.” CEO and Co-Founder of Dorado Jonas Karosas says.

HODL Finance team is delivering on our promise — to help everyone to get best out of their crypto. Banks and other traditional financial institutions refuse to acknowledge and serve crypto loans, leaving a huge market opportunity. We believe crypto assets hold real value, and it should be easy for crypto holders to leverage this value to borrow cash. Thus we are partnering-up with Dorado and other top coins to provide fast, secure and untaxed loans globally.”, Vytautas Zabulis, Managing Director of HODL Finance says.

HODL Finance plans to allow the use of DOR and other partner tokens on its platform as early as autumn of 2018.

How does it work?

Let’s say you want to borrow $1,000 for the period of 12 months. To collect your loan you are asked to provide BTC 0.2648 as a collateral. Our real-time calculator assesses that your monthly payment will be $89 with 12% interest rate. The exact amount of a maximum loan will depend on the value of the cryptocurrency provided as a security deposit. The decision on the loan will be instant.

The loan amount will be transferred the same day, including weekends and public holidays to holders of a free HODL Finance credit card. If clients choose to transfer to their bank account or other convenient option, the service will take additional several days.

After you finish your last loan payment, the return of loan is confirmed in the system automatically and your collateral is returned to you.