Last week, Dorado’s latest acquisition, Wooopit has launched their platform in a new location: Warsaw. The capital of Poland is a major European city with a population of 1.7M+. In the new location, Wooopit already has 200+ restaurants online and 30+ couriers.

Ready to deliver! Countless Wooopit’s billboards take over the city.

Human couriers are the first to deliver fresh food in the bustling city. The next step is to introduce their AI and drone counterparts, to be part of the last-mile delivery network. Taking over one country at the time — faster than one would expect!
By the end of the summer, the number of restaurants on the platform will increase to 500+, making the new entrants the biggest delivery platform in the city. Wooopit is aiming to be the biggest online food delivery service in Poland by the end of 2018, and their goal for 2019 is to process at least 100 000 orders per month.

Wooopit is well on their way to expand further. They are progressing fast to be the leading food delivery provider in the top 10 cities in Poland. They are also working on expanding their own on-demand delivery services all over the country. Look at the chart below for the detailed expansion plan.

Wooopit’s network grew by 185% percent in the period of 2017–2018

The number of businesses on Wooopit 2017–2022.

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Our token DOR is created for the long term, that is precisely the reason why we have inbuilt the quarterly returns into the smart contract. The longer you hold, the more value DOR will gain as it is directly bound with our businesses all over the world.

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