The astonishing success of Uber and their disruptive approach to public transport has flipped the global taxi industry upside down. By employing a simple process and scaling it globally, Uber has gone from just a cool name in 2009, to an internationally recognized brand.

It’s no secret that early investors have generated amazing capital gains. Uber is worth $72 billion according to some sources. So if you had invested $100 in Uber in the late 2010s you would be a millionaire now, right?. Unfortunately, that would not be the case, as only high-net-worth VCs had the opportunity to invest. Out of $8 billion capital invested in Uber by the end of 2015, zero came from retail investors, which means one percenters get to keep the gains to themselves while smaller investors are cut out of the equation. The fact that policy makers have denied the majority of public the opportunity to invest in companies like Uber is one of the greatest travesties of the securities markets of past decades. Meanwhile, the wealth gap grows larger.

However, with the rise of crowdfunding, and blockchain technology powered ICOs, individual investors are taking their power back. Anyone, with any budget, can invest in the next unicorn if they possess the foresight and chance upon a bit of luck.

Don’t miss the chance to get on the next big thing

As the pace of global urbanization intensifies, and with it the speed of daily life, the $215 billion on-demand delivery industry is set to boom. The market expansion has reached a 25% annual growth rate and slowdown is nowhere in sight. Dorado is built upon a well-established platform, has been fast to take advantage of this huge potential and is ready to shake the sector from its foundations up.

We aim to introduce a completely redefined vision of how restaurant food, groceries, pharmaceuticals, electronics and beyond should be ordered and delivered. The use of cutting-edge technology is key to the sector’s future, which is why we advocate using as much automation as possible so that human error can be avoided and the best service possible provided. We are seeking to develop the first entirely “non-human” delivery service by switching to drones and robots which will be using HyperLocal Logistics platform built on blockchain.

“Using our own research, big data and proprietary expertise, Dorado is developing tools that will change the way we choose, order and deliver goods. Modern lifestyles demand a much more tightly integrated service — nowadays almost anything can be ordered through apps and messengers lightning-fast, but the delivery industry has been too slow in adapting to these changes. This is where Dorado steps in with the vision to be the catalyst for a major change”, explains Jonas Karosas, the co-founder of Dorado.

This vision combined with the backing of leading VCs, passionate, world-class team and the support of our community and we are set to succeed. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this. Join our ICO now.