We are right on track with our ambitious plans for expansion. Last week, Dorado officially acquired Wooopit, the fastest growing food delivery company in Poland. In addition to Wooopit’s sophisticated IT and logistic’s platform, we will also gain their all-star team of 40+ employees (excluding the couriers), that will oversee the operations.

“We are working hard to make sure our token holders are getting great value and liquidity with their DOR purchase. That includes expansion of our existing network as well as strategically placed acquisitions, which will provide us with business from the get-go, therefore ensuring growing token value and increasing quarterly returns for the DOR token holders.” said Jonas Karosas, CEO at Dorado.

Wooopit is aiming to be the biggest online food delivery service in Poland by the end of 2018, and their goal for 2019 is to process at least 100 000 orders per month.

  • In the past 10 months, 700+ couriers were working for Wooopit.
  • 650+ restaurants are currently registered on the platform.
  • Wooopit delivered $1M+ USD worth of orders up to now.
  • 22000+ active users on the platform.
  • Wooopit grew by more than 5000% since their launch.

Gross merchandise volume projection when entering new cities based on Wooopit’s first city performance.

Erfan Hesam, CEO of Wooopit comments: “We are glad to be part of this journey together with Dorado and Foodout. This cooperation will make our position in this region market much stronger, and we will for sure benefit from the experience of the great team behind both companies. We have great plans for , stay tuned!”